Me as a part timer


My planning was to get a job anytime after I've completed my Final Year Project (FYP). Noted that, AFTER. But a few weeks before I completed my FYP, I stumbled across an Instagram post stating that Adila Long, the uprising local fashion brand is looking for a graphic designer. I got so thrilled with it! OH MY! I don't know why I did it but I made an outrageous decision by applying it without any prepared portfolios and even my own self wasn't ready too! After sending my application to AL, i realized then I still have a month left for my Diploma Show and so I got freaked out! But Alhamdulillah there was an inspiringly strong will in me that made myself set loose and just go 'lah' for it :)
*indecisive me every 24/7


So it was 2 weeks after, an email saying "You need to attend an interview session" was received and once again I WAS FREAKED OUT!!!!
Gahhhh! I suck at interviews man!!!
As long as I could remember, this is my very first job interview and my bosses are both Adila and Dara, the two inspiring working ladies that I've been following up in magazines and social medias.
So I FIGHT! As it is a BIG opportunity for me, I prepared my resume, portfolios and stuffs at the last minute of time and so i managed to complete my so UGH minimal resume Alhamdulillah though.


The hardest part was getting my speech fixed! I've been practicing it in front of the mirror for like hours OH MY. 
So with no experience I went to the interview.
LUCKILY! It went well and I got it finally YEAYYYY! :D
Well for now I'm just a part timer, but that is till I successfully complete my diploma show.
So walla to the first month of working Hell yeah! :D 

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