3rd July

How to know whether you're obsessing over some things / someone enthusiastically

1. When your close friends reminded you the important details about it.
2. When a close friend agrees to let you use up her privilege discounts just for you.
3. When you're feeling excitingly grateful for everything that you've been working hard for.

My graphic colleague texted me a week before;

He :  cuba teka who's coming in town for her debut collection!

* He showed me the photo with HT logo, for Allah's sake this logo has been in my secured memory bank since the first time I found it HAHAHA! :D

So , Me : OUH YASS tengah counting days for this!

I had my 20 minutes of Excitement+Confusion of which piece should I get! Pheww :D
All #UniqloxHanaTajima's  collection are to die for SERIOUSLY !
And my sister was being my loyal date playing her role as my stylist outside the fitting room GAHAHA SISTER POWERR!! :)

Me : umm nampak tinggi tak?
She : umm no, yeah I think
Me : Are you sureeeeeee,look again,do I look too petite or too small aiyer
She : Kak you are m but this one flaunts it right away !


So I took the blue one yayy ayy it's universal can match with either skirt or that all time favourite cullote pants.

Yayy for the purchase ! and 3rd of July 2015 is officially gonna be my one of the best 2015 highlights.

p/s : and much thanks to my housemates  Aimi & Jan who brought me and witnessed my unusual excitement  :D

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