Optimizing Ramadan

Okay here is my best picks to make the best of this glorius month of rewards :- 

Revolutionizing Reminder 
has the best quote + reminders ,with the best interface too ! a tad and a bit of ala Tumblrish with clean slate of minimalism and its added with attractive high resolution photos ,I'm officially addicted to it . My fav slot is the 'RAMADAN REINSPIRED'

When I found it on web ,I got hooked ! 
Interesting way to interact with Muslim brothers and sisters all around the globe . Yes you heard me . ALL AROUND THE WORLD . Its like a social network that I believe in future it'll become a massive hit  In Shaa Allah ,I really hope so! 
Tracking my faithful progression never been easy , I easily got distracted by numerous thoughts and petty distractions . 
This app comes with a planner , legacy board ( profile board ) Ramadan reflections and journal . 
U're able to add companions or send invitation to become other companions too . Companions replaced the word "friends" here & I really thought this sounds good than friends because the term of 'companions' here is the one out there to encourage and motivate you to keep on track during Ramadan .

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