Room Redeco

Alright lets face it dear self. Here, I wanna confess, after I have been procrastinated of actually deciding and doing, I think now is the right time to start the Room Redeco Project (RRP) by Fatyn Halim :D and get all the clutters here and there FIXED!
Phewww finally man! :D The best thing bout this project is that I get to choose and own the things that I've aimed since I-dont-know-how-long-but-its-been-in-my-computer-folder-since-my-high-school-years-ughh! HAHAHA! :D

And the funny story bout it was how I decided to like 'okay, stop thinking lah Fatyn. Just do it now! Until when kan?!',
It all started at this one fine day.....
I was so frustrated of my things laying around the room like as though "tongkang pecah", so my things are often lost and my precious, oh my precious precious magazine collections that I've subscribed yearly been missing out of NO WHERE AND NO WHERE MEANS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! These mags means A LOT to me, while the other teens are pondering thoughts and memorizing facts from the school textbooks, it is I, Nurfatin Abdul Halim HAHA :D so I on the other hand self teaching myself about fashion. So can you guys imagine how important they are to me? Can say that I grew up with them also yknow! Hahaha okay sorry for the emotion distort :)

The first week of every month excites me coz flipping thru the pages of freshly inspiring fashion and styles is the best feelings ever! *StarsGlitter hahaha too much of 3D talkings on this post huh? Hahaha :D 
Its okay, A Mag Lover would understand *flips hijab.
So back to our topic which I have dragged too far, from constant studying and revising the trends, minimalist modernism / urbanism is what my room SHOULD be look like :D Realized that I'm a huge procrastinator when getting things done, I did some Project Design Plannings to keep my head up of getting my mind unclutter of numerous thoughts and thinking. This really helps me a lot in planning though.

Hopefully I'll get myself getting all these jobs done .Good luck dearself . Stay motivated for the next 3 weeks !

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  1. love to read ur blog �������� it was amazing! anyway goodluck with ur bedroom deco dear fatin ��