Oh so smitten !

Is it wrong to be in love with someone's sweet lovingly family? This affectionate connection I feel between the tenderness of this one's family, it gives me the feeling of walking on the air, 
rainbows everywhere kind of feeling HAHA :D I feel like anything is possible to achieve, all my hopes and dreams i can feel and my inner voice shouted, "LOOK AT ME WORLD! I'M ALIVE'AH!" hahaha :D and and my adorable heart is charged whenever this couple do things together oh my,


 Alright I might be exaggerating too much here, cant help it. I'm a softie ! HEHE :)

Vivy's  beautiful family all sugary sweet dose of happiness .Cause I've been a big fan of Vivy since I first got caught up on her instagram feeds! She stocked up her IG with everything that my dream life would be.
My dream job . Dream lifestyle . Dream husband-like . Dream Dream And Dreams All The Way Fatyn!

But well, I know Allah have plans set up for me already. In shaa Allah :)
No matter how bad or how awesome it is, kita perlu bersyukur dan ingat, sekali kita mengeluh tu sebenarnya kita mengeluh tentang Allah tau and everything we face in this world is just a test. Everything ada hikmahnya baik atau buruk perkara itu. So lets remind ourselves in shaa Allah :D

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  1. i like this one especially the last part hehe๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‰