Feelin' Posh


I'm sure I am not the only one experiencing the 'Too Early Excited Syndrome (TEES)' on this matter HAHA well especially to the ladies, y'feel me? Come on guys hahaha. Even my housemates are tuning-in to Raya songs regularly these past few days.
Oh my oh my and what makes me more hype is that the great sales are everywhere! I repeat, EVERYWHERE ! While the fasting month haven't even started yet ! Ya Allah, what a test.
In Shaa Allah I am stronger than this hahaha :D

Can't wait to wear my new Raya outfits for this year! I'm sure you guys feel me this time right?
Heh heh heh :)

Alright, here is an another story related to Raya that has made me feel very greatful, Alhamdulillah! One of the best thing in my life happened to me recently. So lets make it short, I've been a stalker to her designs and she has been an inspiration to me since she first grabbed her way up in fashion biz. 
I've finally met face to face with the lady boss Lena The Great for her new Raya 2015 collections! WOW!:D I'm a sucker for minimalist & such good materials, so here comes Lena with her designs that has always been based up on these 2 qualities that I would look for in the clothing world of mine. She sure are a kind lady and an awesome one too!

Me in LenaLee ' s latest collection .
Thank You for having me ! :D seriously, thank you sis :)

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