#FVRaya 2015

Mesmerized . Fascinated . Bedazzled . 
Mashaa-Allah !

I thought of using just one word to describe how mentally, physically (or even brutally) excited for these FvRaya2015 campaigns. You know women, it would be so complicated for us 'kaum Hawa' to express our feelings so yeah I know this is when that 'thing' comes in. So anyway, FV teamed up with 9 amazing talented minds of designers for 2015 Raya outfit!

To tell you guys how excited I am, akak just nak cerita lah kan HAHA! Right after I took my seat in the lecture hall, my precious phone blinked her eyes towards me showing a notification on BlogLovin 's
                                 DIANA RIKASARI FOR FV IS OUT TODAY!

Now for that, I had to use up all the skills that i have to maintain a straight face and focus to my lecturer talking in front! WHOA! It was a tough moment indeed HAHAHA! I mean, who wouldn't get excited for FashionValet ! For Raya ! And for those amazing collabos RIGHT?! Oh come on now. If you ask me, i would be like "Me ! Me!" raising up my hands shouting from 4 kilometres away HAHA !
But luckily I didn't raise up my hand because at that time the lecturer was doing a pop quiz in front phew! I was like, Alhamdulillah selamat !
I have been a secret exciting reader of Diana Rikasari's blog since I was in high school. All girly and hype, thanks to her influence though!

I hope soon in few years I'll be the next one In Shaa Allah.Watch out Vivy ! :)

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