Colourful hats

Photo above indicates how stress I am right now even when I'm 
writing this post too!

I'm wearing too many of thinking hats recently. Mostly are blue where I'm keeping myself processing and developing designs, pumped up my creative juice with green hat. And ouh there are times where wearing the red hat feels fashionable whenever my graphic designs thingy reaches off to my limit OH YES. White (facts), Yellow (benefits) and Black (cautious) comes in when insecurity kicks in. These happened many times back then since I was in my first semester till now. Seeing people with amazing designs gave a nerve wrecking attack towards me.*

pfft sign of an insanely competitive person.
Yeaps me. I admit (-.-)"

fuhh Oh my I'm behind the schedule of my monthly goals, everything happens so quickly in a blink of time. I mean how come my Final Diploma show is in 3 weeks more?

Although through ups and downs, migrain attacks so on and so forth during my final semester this year I managed to well technically improved some things that matter in maintaining my productivity to a satisfied level.

- Sorted out my 30 mins morning reads

- Mindfullness after Subuh prayer (this one is the hardest one so far, but worth the try and now I found myself guilty if I fall asleep)
- I can multitask now without keep forgetting things, YAYYERS :D

New achievements unlocked!!! A pat on your shoulder girl jyeah (Y)!!!

A wise man once said to me, "Selagi kita tak mulakan, sampai bila-bila pun kita takkan maju sebab segala sesuatu perlu ada titik permulaannya and you will never be ready for something big like that. So just push yourself and face it lah! You just gotta have faith in you,dat simple zit?"
Yeah you wise man ,thanks !:D

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