Safer Jump

I've always wanted an experience of working in a retail environment . 
Because I think it can pave my way to my dreams. Dreams that I  excitingly wanted to achieve!

So I'm 20 this year and I've decided to take a safer jump.
I'm not ready to dive in  just yet coz I'm lacking of so many things in pursuing my dreams. I'm trying to find a halfway point between my current job and my dream job. So yup I'm working part time while finishing my final year . I'm a part timer at one of the uprising fashion local brand ,Adila Long.
Such a good experience and a good start in pursuing my dreams! In shaa allah :')
It is not just an ordinary part time job to me. It is a one-hell-of an experience-gainer  that coincidentally arrived its fate right at this moment  :)
This is what I've been wanting to do, I got the chance and I am not gonna blew it away oh no way jose!
Gonna grab it. 

If you are an accountant who's dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, see if you can find an accounting job in the fashion sector.
"If you want to be THE BEST, surround yourself with THE BEST".
So half of the month has passed. I super love it here! :'D
At first it was a very challenging phase to get myself used to the fact of working with individuals other than my mom (my mom was my very first boss that i worked with) Not only that this job challenged me in my scope area (graphic design), I believe it can make me a better multi-tasker and disciplinary focus in what I'm doing. 

First week went well, I catered a few famous client and I was like:
WHOA this is her from TV ' 

eh OMG are you the one singing Hingga Ke Hujung Dunia?
and ouh this was embarrasing, I couldn't recall her name but I think she's an actress
So the friendly me, 
ME: Oh my this dress looks so good on you. Whats your name again? *inserted an apolegetically smile emoji here
HER: Sara Ali
ME: Oh sure Sara Ali, so you have big event goin on tonight huh :D All the best girl!
I also believe this job can make me becomes more aware towards people's names and faces. HAHA!


Uhoh this is when I did my first lotsa mistakes.
I can be so careless and 'kelam kabut' sometimes. This was also the time where I received my very first critic sessions on my mistakes.
I've known myself since forever. I'm a perfectionist, I feel scared when I make mistakes and I'm still figuring out myself with this issue of overthinking, it sometimes leads me nowhere. It's just that bad thoughts wandered around making me so nervous and stressed out.
But surprisingly, the critic session went well. A pat on shoulder! I've learnt from my mistakes, I didn't go for the usual overthinking phase. I let myself to be more aware of surrounding and I did it well! I know that mistakes made me a better perfectionist heh.

I started to develop my graphic design skills bits by bits. I know now that apart of what I've learned during my diploma, work is more fun and mentally challenging . 
Hoping to look out for more on what life and opportunity might offer me in future In Shaa Allah !:D

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  1. Goodluck fatyn. Make dreams come true 🙌🏼☺️