Day 1

I've never been to the north side of Malaysia ever before .When I received an offered from Bat to join him with the booth opening,of course I am so excited! I am pretty sure this can be so much valuable exposure and an eye-opener for me to see the future of localism clothing (and of course the scenery too !)
I heard that along the highway to the north ,they will be lots of mineral rocks towering up .
Finally got to see it myself , didnt sleep along the journey just to catch those amazing breathtaking view.

So Day 1 of  Tempatan Fest Ipoh 2015 went well ,Bat gave us (me and Jan,the helper) 2 shirts,he designed those two I'm impressed.
2 is better than one ah ha!Thanks Bat we love our shirts and we're officially #batteam

Day 1 #OOTD .Sweatshirt from BATTO.CO

Day 2

Still super excited!I'm getting a lot of great vibes around me , met awesome talented people,watched some of the Indie bands .Its my second time watching it live so yay to the excitedness!

Scene 1
Some random stranger at #TFIPOH
" Awak nak tanya jalan boleh "
Me : yeah yeah sure jalan mana?
" Jalan ke hati awak " 
Me : oh maaflah jalan tu berliku-liku sikit 
" oh takpelah macam tu " 

Scene 2
Dia cakap awak macam..
Eh awak ni yang ... tu ke ?
Hi .....
... : Wawa Zainal

Day 2 #OOTD .Long Sleeve Top from BATTO.CO

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