Tempatan Fest Ipoh

Amazingly great event is coming ! This time is different,I will be helping out a friend promoting his label Batto.Co.
Previously formerly known as Sumbat,after all the rebranding took place.There goes the birth of Batto.Co.Batto.Co is a Malaysian local clothing brand that potraying minimalism.I get superduper excited when the founder himself,Bat Aziz offered me to join his booth opening (plus its the day he'll be releasing the new line for ladies,woohooo!) New tops for me of  course!      

Everyone been asking me "meng what is this name stands for"
" A bat ? " they said.
Well bingo ! As the catchy name it is ,Batto is a Japanese word meaning a bat .
Yes.Out of any friendly creature,Bat Aziz chosed a bat.
Personally the name potraying him without speaking.Yeap he's myterious,creatively intelligent & a fond over minimalistic.

Will update more about the event soon ! #tfipoh15

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